Tumbled Crystals

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for protection, to promote wellbeing, attract and love and restore health! Crystals can be worn, carried or placed in your home for its natural beauty and metaphysical properties.


Crystals provide you with a range of emotional and physical healing benefits for your mind, body and soul. Our tumbles crystal stones come with a guide on their meaning and list of benefits they can provide. 

Our crystals are ethically sources and have been cleansed and energised in our singing bowl to provide you with high vibe crystal for crystal healing. 


You can carry them in your purse or pocket, put them under your pillow or beside your bed, place them on your desk or in a room of your home.

They are perfect to use in your ritual or sacred space, to promote your wellbeing and manifest your intentions.

Use your crystals to set an intention or affirmation to manifest your desires in your life.

​For more information on how to use your crystals see our blog post here.