Soy Wax Melts

Each of our luxurious melts have been carefully designed and hand poured with premium blend of natural soy wax and a range of high-quality fragrance and essential oils. Our soy wax burns clean and has a great scent throw. Our candles are vegan friendly and non-toxic so you can enjoy your melts worry free.

Our soy was melts are highly fragrance that have a scent throw that will fill a large space with a beautiful aroma. Our clamshell melts last for 100 hours.

Soy Wax melts provide an easy-to-use alternative to candles or oils as they are flame free making them a safe alternative to candles.


How to use Soy Wax Melts:

  • Simply break off one cube and place it on your oil or Wax Warmer.

  • Place one or two melts in the top of your warmer.

  • When you turn your warmer off the wax will reset hard making it easy to remove.

  • Replace when the fragrance fades.


Benefits of Soy wax:

  • Soy wax is natural and biodegradable.

  • Non-toxic, lead free and burns cleaner.

  • 100% pure soybeans.

  • No petroleum or paraffin.

  • No genetically modified materials.

  • Vegan friendly.

  • Ethically sourced.

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