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Tree of Life Crystal Healing Set


Tree of Life Crystal Healing Set 


Tree of Life Wooden Handcrafted Box 

The tree of life symbolises connection to everything. Tree of life is grounding and calming with roots that reach deep into the soil, connecting to and gaining nourishment from Mother Earth. It’s branches extend into the sky, receiving energy from the sun.


Length 17.5 cm 

Depth 12 cm

Height 5.5cm 


Start crystal healing is easy with this crystals is this healing set.  Get all of your crystal essentials in a simple-to-use tool set. Each of the 12 healing crystals in this set will provide you with different healing and benefits to your mind body and spirit. There are crystals for love, wealth, calming, protection, cleansing and more. Get everything you need to start using crystals for healing with this Crystal Healing Set.


Included Crystals:

Tiger Eye - Personal Power, Grounding and Growth.

Lapis Lazuli - Spirituality, Truth and Wisdom.

Selenite - Protection, Cleansing, Awareness.

Amethyst – Intuition, spirituality.

Sunstone - Happiness, Independence.

Yellow Aragonite - Strength, Grounding. 

White Howlite - Dreams, Calming.

Clear Quartz - Purifier, energy and Healing.

Rose Quartz - Love, Friendship and Emotional Healing.

Green Aventurine - Joy, Happiness and Wealth.

Hematite - Stress Relief, Grounding and Spiritual Balancing. 

Snowflake Obsidian - Protection, Grounding, Calm.


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