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Tree of Life Crystal Healing Set


Tree of life meaning.

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol appearing in various cultures throughout history such as Buddhism, Mayans to the Celts. These cultural meaning differ regarding the sacred Tree of Life their basic concepts relate to religion, philosophy and spirituality.


Connection to Mother Earth

The Tree of Life symbol is a large tree with roots that spread through the ground symbolising out connection to Mother earth and our reliance on her to flourish. The branches that spread outward towards the sky, symbolising us searching connection to high power of spiritual realm. This represents everything is interconnected in nature and the universe.


Connection to Family

The tree of life also used to symbolise our connection to family through the branches. The roots represent connection to our ancestors with our roots linking us to our past and future generations. The life of a tree can be seen to symbolise the growth of family it is giving new fruit and new generations.


Rebirth and life cycle.

The life cycle of tree as it moves through seasons, many trees will lose their leaves in Autumn and in Springtime there will regrowth with new buds sprouting symbolling rebirth, new beginnings and positive energy. The life cycle of a trees begin life and as they grow older, they are weathered and aged by nature.


Personal Growth

The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal growth and like the branches of a tree strengthen that grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater wisdom and personal growth.


Crystal Healing

Start crystal healing is easy with this crystal is this healing set.  Get all your crystal essentials in a simple-to-use tool set. Each of the 12 healing crystals in this set will provide you with different and benefits to your mind body and spirit. There are crystals for love, wealth, calming, protection, cleansing and more. Get everything you need to start using crystals in your daily life for range of benefits.


Included Crystals:

Tiger Eye - Personal Power, Grounding and Growth.

Lapis Lazuli - Spirituality, Truth and Wisdom.

Selenite - Protection, Cleansing, Awareness.

Amethyst – Intuition, spirituality.

Sunstone - Happiness, Independence.

Yellow Aragonite - Strength, Grounding.

White Howlite - Dreams, Calming.

Clear Quartz - Purifier, energy and Healing.

Rose Quartz - Love, Friendship and Emotional Healing.

Green Aventurine - Joy, Happiness and Wealth.

Hematite - Stress Relief, Grounding and Spiritual Balancing.

Snowflake Obsidian - Protection, Grounding, Calm.