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Sodalite Tumbled


Sodalite – Calming, Intuition and Communication


Chakra: Throat and Third Eye


Calms and clears the mind. Eases fears and guilt. Improves communication and aids creative expression. Helps to bring clarity to your thoughts and inspires insight, awakening and intuitive abilities. Sodalite brings and enlightened perspective on life and increase consciousness. Sodalite is great for calming people with anxiety and panic attacks. Place it on the third eye to gain intellectual insight and understanding. Sodalite balances emotions and hormones. Sodalite is great for women struggling with fertility issues. Aids with communication.


Physical healing: Sodalite can be used to assist cleansing the lymphatic system and organs. Eases blood pressure and racing heart. Reduces menopause and PMS symptoms. Can be used to treat throat and vocal cord problems.


To keep your crystals in optional condition remember to cleanse them regally. For information on how to cleanse your crystals see my blog post Cleansing Crystals.

It is important to remember that healing is not the same as curing. Healing is helping the mind and body to become stronger. Crystals do not substitute medical advice. See your doctor if you have health problems or serious injuries. Crystal healing can provide you with a range of benefits but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological treatment.


*price is for one piece.