Smoky Quartz Crystal Chip Bracelet - Evoking Serenity

Smoky Quartz Crystal Chip Bracelet


Smoky Quartz Crystal Chip Bracelet. 


Smoky Quartz – Dissolves Negativity, Power, Cleansing


Root Chakra.


Relieves tension, anxiety, and stress. Gently dissolves and cleanses negative energy and emotional blockages. Clears away negative thought patterns, anger, and resentment. Increases fertility and balances sensual energy. Brings strength and stability. Is a grounding stone that connect you to mother earth. Protect against psychic attack and emotional stress. Guards against theft. Shield against hostile or gossip at work or a bullying boss.


Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing: 

Counters the negative effects of radiation and sunburn, Useful for those receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Can be used to treat kidneys and other organs that eliminate toxins from the body.


Each bracelet is made from natural crystals and each has their own unique pattern and colour. Variations are normal with natural products.