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Rose Quartz Pendant on Leather Necklace


Rose Quartz Pendant on Leather Necklace.


Wear your Rose Quatrz Pendant for Love, Friendship and Emotional Healing.


Rose Qaurtz Heat Chakra.  


Rose Quartz promotes love, trust, forgiveness, and compassion. Rose Quartz creates harmony in all types of relationships. Enhances self-confidence and self-love and enhances one's capacity to give and receive love. Can be used to bring love into your life. Rose quartz is calming and nurturing, and it can assist dissolve emotional wounds, particularly after a breakup. Rose Quartz has a soft feminine energy and the energy of Divine love.


Rose Quartz Sphere measures approximately 16mm and is held by two silver hands. The leather necklace is 85cm long but can be shortended by the slip knots.


To keep your crystals in optional condition, remember to cleanse them regally. For information on how to cleanse your crystals see my blog post Cleansing Crystals.