Peace and Harmony Spell Candle

Peace and Harmony Spell Candle

Handmade, crystal infused, anointed magic peace and harmony spell candle. 

Need peace and harmony in your life? Need to recenter your soul and bring harmony?  Then try one of our spell harmony candles! Each candle has been handcrafted with magical and natural ingredients such dried Lavender, Meadowsweet, Passionflower, Scullcap, Vervain and Violet Leaves and Rainbow Moonstone. 


These ingredients have been used by magical practitioners throughout time to bring peace and harmony into your life. The candle has a lightly fragrance of Lychee and Black Tea. 

Simply light the candle to release the magic.


Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the goddess of the moon and has a gentle feminine energy that brings peace and harmony.


The candles are made from 100% pure soy wax that is natural and made from vegetable soy beans. Our fragrances are high quality that are vegan and Phthalate free. Made with 100% cotton wicks that are lead free. 


The white Cambridge tumbler is made from thick walled glass and has a glow that looks great at night. 


Top Diameter: 84 mm

Bottom Diameter: 79 mm

Height: 99 mm

Holds 300 grams wax 

Burns for approx 48 hours. 


Hand poured in Gippsland Victoria 

Soy wax is vegan, natural and non toxic. 

Contains no paraffin. 

Contains no genetically modified material

No unnatural additives. 


See Candle Care and Safety Information