Mookaite Crystal Chip Bracelet - Evoking Serenity

Mookaite Crystal Chip Bracelet


Mookaite Crystal Chip Bracelet. 


Mookaite - Calming, Grounding, Shielding.


Heart Chakra and Root Chakra.


Mookaite promotes mental attunement, courage, and optimism. It is balancing, grounding and energizing. Encourages versatility and a deep calmness. Assists when trying new experiences. It carries and invigorating frequency of strength and increases life force within your body. Assist one in decision making in difficult times. Provides a protective shield against negativity or dangerous situations.


Mookaite Crystal Healing. 

Mookaite helps counter the effects of aging and is highly restorative. It aids the digestive system by reducing stress. Assists with reproduction and the body during pregnancy. Strengthens the immune system and general health.


Each bracelet is made from natural crystals and each has their own unique pattern and colour. Variations are normal with natural products.