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Garnet Pendant on Leather Necklace


Garnet Pendant on Leather Necklace.


Wear your Garnet Pendant for Passion, Commitment and Intimacy. 


Garnet Heat Chakra and Root Chakra.  


Garnet is known as the commitment crystal that attracts love and heated passion. Garnet strengthens your self-confidence and gives one strength and to take charge of their life and reach their goals. Garnet reminds you that actions speak louder than words. Garnet is protective and shields you from negativity on their spiritual journey.

It is a physically healing crystal that detoxes releasing negativity emotions that manifest in the body.


Garnet Sphere measures approximately 16mm and is held by two silver hands. The leather necklace is 85cm long but can be shortended by the slip knots.


To keep your crystals in optional condition, remember to cleanse them regally. For information on how to cleanse your crystals see my blog post Cleansing Crystals.