Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth - Evoking Serenity

Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth


Flower of life Crystal Grid Cloth Set.


 Invite the healing energy into your life and sacred space with a Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth. The Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes and series of overlapping circles that form a flower-like grid. It is a blueprint for more complex sacred geometric shapes like Metatron’s Cube. The flower of life reminds us that everything is created from the same blueprint.


What is a Sacred Geometric Crystal Healing Grid?


The sacred geometric shapes are designed to amplify the crystal healing energy and is a powerful tool for manifestation your intention. The energy of the crystals, the geometric shape, and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal. The grids assist your energetic body/space in tuning your vibrational frequency to allow that which is your intention to physically manifest. When you are in vibrational alignment with your desires and intentions, deep healing and manifestation occur! You can add crystals and stones to your grid that suit your intention and crystal energy to suit your purpose.



One Flower of life crystal grid cloth in your choice of black, purple, turquoise, pink, grey and blue.

Centre stones

Surrounding stones.

Activation wand.


The Centre Stone: Centre stone are normally the larges crystal and have the highest vibration and is the axis that sends your intention to the universe. You can use a crystal that corresponds with your intention.


The Surrounding Stones: These are the crystals that will be arranged in the geometric shape around the centre stone and receive and amplify your intention. 


Amplification Stones (Optional): These are typically crystals placed in a corresponding outer grid or alternatively placed in geometric points between the Surrounding Stones and they further amplify and power up your grid.


Other objects: You can add items to your grid that feel right to you. You could use a photo or letter, or any other item aligned with your intention (feather, petals, flowers, etc.).


Each cloth comes packaged with instructions perfectly for personal use or ready for gift giving. Crystal grids are also great for crystal healing layouts.


All grid cloths are 100% all-natural cotton and have an organic shaped hem line. Hand printed sacred geometry designs with reclaimed inks.


Size approx. 35 cm x 35cm


When assembling a crystal grid, it is always best to follow your intuition. However, most Crystal Grids include a central stone, surrounding stones, amplification stones, and any objections of importance.


Set up Steps.

1. Place crystal grid cloth in your sacred space

2. Take slow deep breaths

3. State your affirmation or intention. You can also use a piece of paper for your written intention and place it in the centre of your grid.

4. Set up the stones of your grid keeping your intention in mind.

5. Activate your grid.

6. Listen to your intuition, leave your grid set up for as long as it feels right.

7. Experience the alignment of your intentions


Activate your grid.

1. Place your wand (crystal point) in your hand

2. Point your wand at the centre stone of your grid.

3. Starting from the centre, move clockwise, drawing an invisible line energetically connecting each stone, while keeping your intention in mind.


You can add crystals and healing stones to your grid that suit your intention. When assembling a crystal grid, it is always best to follow your intuition and use the crystals or items that feel right.