Amazonite Crystal Chip Bracelet - Evoking Serenity

Amazonite Crystal Chip Bracelet


Amazonite promotes good health, empowerment and is the stone of truth.


Heart Chakra. 


Amazonite is called the Stone of Truth and it empowers one to search for self and discover and your own truths and integrity and to move beyond the fear of judgment of others. Amazonite soothes emotional trauma and assist to remove fear. Amazonite assists one to see both sides of conflicting opinions and enhances compassion. Amazonite assist with universal love and assist helps make married life happier. Amazonite absorbs microwaves and electromagnetic pollution.


Amazonite Crsytal Healing:

Amazonite assists one to maintain good health and healing after illness, assist with blockages in the nervous system as well as issues with throat and thyroid.


Each bracelet is made from natural crystals and each has their own unique pattern and colour. Variations are normal with natural products.